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Renting has never been easier than with Carlyle Rental Centre. When you come to us seeking guidance, rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for. And let’s be honest: why buy when you can rent? At Carlyle Rental Centre, one of our rental experts will work closely with you in selecting the right rental for your specific needs. We have a great selection to match every person and every budget. We invite you to come visit us for a one-of-a-kind rental experience.


What We Offer

Want to know why we get such rave reviews from customers? Because when it comes to selection and upkeep, we blow the competition out of the water. Take a look at some of the great rentals we stock. Our shop is proud to offer all of our customers the variety they deserve when renting. Don’t stand for a second rate rental when you can get something that’s high quality and well maintained! We’re happy to accommodate all sorts of requests and handle a variety of order types. Stop by today and check out all that we have to offer.



From home renovations to building a brand new shop, tools you need and want for you to complete you job. From floor sanders to hammer drills to plate tampers, we can help you finish your project.

Concrete and Floors

Power Trowels to power screeds, sanders to Jack hammers, pencil vibrators and pumps.

Equipment and Vehicles

!5 passenger vans, car or truck, skidsteers and mini-excavator.
Telehandler, scissor and knuckle manlift.

Parties and Events

Optional delivery and set up!


Washcars and facilities

We supply and can outfit you with portable bathrooms from double fully functional bathrooms or simple potapotties.

Minimal Office

Tents, tables and chairs

We carry 20'x20' tents with optional walls or wondows. 8 foot tables, plastic or and wood, with chairs to accomodate every guest.

Accessories and essentials

From popcorn machine to cotton candy machines, ask and we will find it to meet your party needs.

Confetti Storm

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 12pm
Sunday: Closed


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400 8 St W
Carlyle, S0C 0R0

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